Gold & Dust | Bridal Fashion Editorial

Our Alvord Desert shoot really sparked a passion in me for not just styling tables and products but designing conceptual, styled lifestyle shoots. I got to create something that was more than a wedding day or birthday party (although we all know I absolutely LOVE those things) - it was a whole idea that was brought to life by including elements such as earth and dust as well as paint and lace. It was truly a magical couple of days and I'm so excited to finally be sharing it with you!

We had been planning this shoot for well over 4 months now and had to time it perfectly with weather, vendors, florals, work schedules... not to mention we had to find models who were willing to camp out and wake up at 3:30am to be photographed for 6 hours!
But in the end, we couldn't be happier with what came of it. 
The Alvord desert had been Kati Hoy's bucket list for years. And I had just recently found out what and where it was and absolutely fell in love. Such a unique and crazy landscape, ESPECIALLY in Oregon. It was something neither of us had ever seen before so when she asked if I would be down to drive 8+ hours, camp out and style the hell out of some bridals for a whole day... I obviously went all in.
I wanted to bring such a sense of wildness to this shoot. And really highlight the brilliant gowns from Claire La Faye as well as the natural beauty in the surroundings. Simple but stunning. We used faux fur rugs to give you the feel of being in the wild as well as organic, clay vases with dried branches coming out of them. We had our florist, work/shop, create a beautiful bouquet out of fresh, dried and dying flowers all to show a crazy contrast between living beauty and also touching death. Theres such an earthy vibe that was able to be created using these small instruments.
We incorporated a smoke bomb at one point in the shoot to contrast the stunning color of the smoke with the gorgeous, two piece white dress as well as the muted, cracked clay ground.
To top if off, we used gold paint on the faces and limbs of our models. This gave our shoot an almost tribal feel which I think really brought everything together and created such a uniqueness that I have not seen before. Not to mention - why does gold on a face look so stunning? It will be my new plan for all bridal make up :-] My only regret is I didn't use more. 


This shoot was meant to feel earthy, new, organic, natural, vegan, raw, glamorous and breathtaking all at the same time. I can't thank all who participated enough.

Style, Design and Silk: SueBlue Events // @sueblueevents //
Photography: Kati Nicole Photo // @katihoy //
Make up: Chelsea Marie Makeup // @chelseamarie_makeup
Dresses: Claire La Faye // @clairelafaye //
Florals: Work/Shop // @workshop.pdx //
Models: @kirramorally // @matina_bristow // @kristinatrad