A Bride and Her Alpaca

So I have been wanting to do a shoot with an alpaca for like..... months. Basically since the beginning of 2017 and I had tried to set a couple different ones up along the way but could just never make it work out with the "professional alpaca models". So finally, I decided to skip the middle man and with the help of our model, Caydee Anne, I found an entire alpaca farm that was not only willing to let us shoot on their farm - they would let us hang out with and become new best friends with their golden child.... "Queen Bee”


I wanted to create something unique, moody and dark while still being sweet and romantic. Like a modern twist on a fairy tale. So I used a piece of velvet for my table runner, black stone cheese boards for my dinner plates, blush silk chiffon napkins at each setting and of course - my "color pops" came from the food that I piled all over the table. 

Goodseed Floral created the most epic florals for this shoot, including a flower called "chartreuse" which was the main color of our shoot! How amazing are they?! 
Sweet Caroline Styles sent us the most perfect chartreuse gown that had us all swooning. How amazing is SHE?!
 Dawn Photo took the most insane photos, as she does, and those epic chairs and table came from Something Borrowed PDX

It was a match made in heaven for all of us and what came of it was not only breath taking but SO FREAKING CUTE. Can I always design with alpaca please...?