Oregon coast Elopement


For my second styled shoot it was important to me to show what an impact having a designer and coordinator can also have while planning an elopement.

Elopements are such a huge passion of mine and someday it will be my full time job to travel anywhere and everywhere and create beautiful, intimate ceremonies for people that have fallen deeply in love.

As most of you know, I like to take dirty, rugged and sometimes seemingly ugly things and show the beauty in them. My whole idea around this coastal shoot was to highlight OREGON's coast as to me - its so unique and stunning. When you think of beach weddings I think we all pretty much envision a sunny, white sand, smiley day. And while smiles should ALWAYS have a place- there is also a place for dark, stormy and rocky. And the contrast between the two is where the magic really happens.

I asked a couple of my favorite gals to join me on the shoot. For florals, I wanted a MASSIVE bouquet full of branches and foliage... something that looked more foraged than arranged and most importantly, something that would drag in the water like a champ. I also wanted to play on the fact that... we live in Oregon. It rains. Period. 
So hey! Lets take an umbrella. Let's take an umbrella and COVER it in florals. 
Naturally, Vanessa from TribesNPines saw my vision and executed it perfectly. I could not have asked for more. 

Jessica Heron Images's style of photography is totally my jam. ESPECIALLY for a shoot like this. Dark and moody with vivid colors and natural movement. Done, done and done. Hired, every time.


All in all, having a weekend with these amazing people and creating a stunning elopement not only blessed me beyond words professionally but personally as well.

Hope you love everything.

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