NYE Moroccan Inspired Wedding

I met Jaimi and Ron on Sept 27th, 2016. We chatted over coffee and they told me about their travels around the world and their two fur babies and their soon to be wedding the following Spring of 2017. These two humans are two of the most beautiful souls you'll ever come across.

Two days later they called me and said " so we know we want to hire you... but also.... do you think it would be impossible to try to have this wedding on NYE....THIS NYE...?" 

My Answer: "Hell yes."

We choose The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel in downtown Portland and over the next 10 weeks I obsessed over these two lovebirds big day. From moroccan rugs to copper lantern hanging with cascading floral. Gold brush macaroons to brass candle sticks. Dinner by Clyde Common and rose gold confetti at midnight. It was going to be warm, romantic... and one hell of a good time.

I contacted Tribes N Pines (floral | www.tribesnpines.com) and asked her if she could construct a wall of vines with greenery and red roses.... indoors. Yes.

I arranged to have huge, draping, white velvet drapes from each corner and an endless amount of candles around the entire perimeter of the building. I found long, flowing, blush table runners and used over 60 brass candle sticks. We collected pillows, tables and blankets. Whatever needed to be done to create this day for them.

Although my boyfriend barely saw me for a month or so, it was worth it. This Moroccan inspired, romantic wedding was to die for and the best part was - I made two new best friends. 

I couldn't feel more blessed to have been a part of their day. 


Mae & Co Creative Wedding Stylist
Mae & Co Creative Wedding Stylist
Mae & Co Creative Wedding Stylist
Mae & Co Creative Wedding Stylist
Mae & Co Creative Wedding Stylist
Mae & Co Creative Wedding Stylist
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