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Photo by @shaaunabrown

Photo by @shaaunabrown

Start creating authentic, meaningful images that tell the story of the place, of the couple, and of the experience.



Imagine walking through a medina in Marrakech and smelling the spices being sold on the corner, hearing the songs and prayers from the mosque above you and feeling the warmth of the sun around you…

Picture yourself walking into your riad, dipping your toes in the courtyard pool and listening to stories of your fellow creatives and their journey getting to this very spot.

Think about gathering for dinner - a dinner that every detail has been perfectly and intentionally planned out just for you.

Can you see yourself riding on the back of a camel through the Sahara desert with nothing in sight but orange dunes for miles and miles?

Do you want to sit with 11 new friends, companions and allies inside of a berber tent with the fire burning and mint tea being sipped through your lips?

Can you imagine being immersed in a new culture and collaborating with the people around you to create the most real experience you’ve ever been a part of?…

For intermediate to advanced photographers
This experience will be unlike any other workshop you’ve attended.

for the photographer who has been shooting within the walls of their city or state, or even within the U.S., and is craving to break out of their market and get some real, tangible experience in the world.

Morocco is beautiful, but it’s also chaotic, and learning to shoot and travel in a place like this is going to give you invaluable experience for most anywhere in the world. 



It’s most likely going to be your first time in Morocco. So we want to make sure that we soak it all in. Let’s experience Morocco! Peppermint tea, moroccan food, camel safari’s, shopping at the night market, immersing ourselves in the culture around us.

We have multiple styled shoots planned, but we aren’t going to be teaching “posing” like you’ve always known it. Because in reality, if you are predominantly a wedding photographer then you pose your couples probably 1/16 of the time, and the rest of the wedding is refined photojournalism. What we want to do is to focus on the art of storytelling.
How can you learn to tell the story of a couple and a place that is unique and captivating? How can you stand out in the sea of photographers? How do you capture moments as they happen, see what no one else sees, and focus on the in-between.

Learn how to really travel and shoot abroad
Learn how to create work that is authentic and meaningful
Learn how to create a story through your art
Learn how to connect with others on a deeper level and be in a community where we share thoughts, ideas and this wild experience - together.


photo by @gypsea_lust

photo by @gypsea_lust


5 nights, 5 days | February 27th - March 4th
Investment | One time payment of $3,500 or $3,600 with custom payment plan

The reason behind our application form is that we want to be intentional about the community that we create. 

We want everyone present to have a similar focus, intentionality in their business, desire to take risks and put themselves out there. to already know photography and want to grow deeper through discussions, relationships, and this incredible travel experience. 



Where culture meets creativity





Hi, I'm Anni, and I currently live in Oregon, but spend most my time traveling with my amazing couples from all around the world to incredible places that are both inspiring and meaningful. When I'm not working, I'm probably traveling with my husband to some bucket list place that feels impossible to miss out on. I've experienced love, friendship, and human connection to be one of the deepest pursuits in life and feel so honored to be able to document these timeless memories for people all over the world. I find so much meaning in creating experiences for couples that makes them fall more in love with each other and becomes something to look back on and feel for a lifetime.

The name is Manda Sue, like "Amanda" without the A.
I own Mae&Co Creative in Portland Oregon. I started Mae&Co over 4 years ago and haven’t stopped going ever since. The only thing I love doing as much as designing and styling is traveling. Our company specializes in bringing together all of our greatest passions - planning, designing and traveling the world to give our clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will never forget. When I’m dead and gone, I want people to remember us by saying “they did things different”




We will spend 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of Marrakech
You will get your very own bed where you and your roommie will have a personal bathroom
We will settle in and let you recover from jet lag while you lay around the pool and sip peppermint tea
We will spend the next two days exploring Marrakech - from wandering through the streets to exploring the night market. We want you to really take it all in!
1 shoot, 2 lessons, countless in-depth talks and adventures

We will leave Marrakech and will travel together to Erg Chebbi - the Sahara Desert
We will spend two nights under the stars, surrounded by rolling dunes
We will stay up late listening to one another, hearing each other’s dreams, experiences, struggles and goals.
We will ride camels and partake in true Berber cuisine
1 shoot, 1 lesson, all the late night conversations around the fire


The Logistics

- All lodging, food and travel within Morocco is provided for you
- We will pick you up from the Marrakech airport (RAK) on Feb 27th and bring you to our private riad in the heart of the Medina
- On our last day, we will eat an early breakfast and provide you with transport back to Marrakech
where you can continue to travel or head to the airport and back home.

(flights are not included in workshop total)



are you ready to be immersed?