Useful Apps for Creatives to Help Organize Your Year

Best Apps for Creatives

  • Honeybook - For bookkeeping and in depth task management

    If you haven’t heard of HoneyBook yet - you NEED to rush over to this link and sign your cute butt up. HoneyBook is a serious game changer. From keeping track of all of your inquiries, to helping you set up multiple workflows to assign to each individual project, to reminding your clients when a payment is coming up, to creating full brochures and custom proposals for you. It’s where we keep track of ALL of our projects, collect payments, handle all client communication and so much more. You can even connect it to your bank accounts and quickbooks account to help with better bookkeeping and easier taxes at the end of the year.
    Not to mention - HoneyBook has amazing customer service and they are constantly coming out with new ways to improve their interface. If it seems like a lot at first, don’t panic - IT’S SO WORTH IT!!

  • Quickbooks Self-Employed - For bookkeeping, financial tracking and taxes

    Quickbooks Self-Employed is like nothing you’ve used before. And it’s NOTHING like the standard Quickbooks app. Self-employed is… you guessed it, geared specifically towards people who are self-employed and I feel like it works especially well for creatives. It keeps track of our entire teams spending (on any bank account you connect it to) and all I have to do at the end of each week (or you can do the end of the year if you want to hate yourself) is swipe right for personal and left for business. Once you swipe for business, it will give you all the categories you can put the purchases into for tax purposes. You can even create “rules”. For instance, my Quickbooks Self-Employed app knows that any amount of money that comes in from HoneyBook should be automatically ruled as “business income” - easy peasy.
    Want your mind to be blown even more? They even track your DRIVING! That’s right, every trip you can take, you are able to again - swipe left or right - and put a note into the app on where you went and for what reason. Guys…. it’s like they WANT you to save money. It’s crazy.

  • UNUM - For instagram organization, analytics and scheduling

    Obviously we had to talk about at least one planning app for instagram… and we know there are many. There are a ton of great ones to choose from but for us, UNUM has always won. We love the clean aesthetic and easy interface, as well as the ability to move, swa, rotate, crop and even edit photos in our feed. You can schedule posts if that helps you stay more organized and you can preemptively add in captions and hashtags ahead of time. There are loads of features on UNUM we don’t even know about, I’m sure. It’s also free, but, you can pay a little extra for additional planning squares and, if you’re anything like us… you might like to plan ahead.

  • Trello - For team projects and task management

    Trello allows you to organize and prioritize your projects in a simple and easy way. This app is great for really laying everything out in front of you! You can add checklists, due dates, attachments (we love the attachments feature), notes and so much more. Our favorite feature is you can add team members, assistants… your mom… to a specific project you have going on and they don’t have access to everything. So for those of you that work with freelancers or have a large, part-time team - this app is really amazing. It’s also just so easy to use and you can customize all the boards in any way you want. Trello is the newest member to our organizational family and we LOVE it.

  • Wunderlist - For to-do lists and basic task management

    This simple little to-do list is a great tool for every day activities. From grocery lists to blogging schedules to project to-do lists! We love it because we can add tasks with due dates and then assign it to specific team members, adding a star if it’s really important! This one is a lot like Trello but much more scaled down and simple, making it an easy app to pop in and out of when we are wondering what need to get done on a day-to-day basis, as opposed to looking at an ENTIRE project.

Best Apps For Creatives

Need help figuring out any of these apps or websites? Check out our one-on-one mentoring options where we can spend as much time as you need, showing you how to use these helpful apps, as well as tips and tricks we implement to help Mae&Co function smoothly and efficiently!

Manda Worthington