Babes Brunch


A space to connect
a space to love
a space to laugh
a space to be


| come as you are and let us love you |

Over the last couple years, while in the creative industry, we have loved to be a part of loads of events and party's for all sorts of companies, organizations and campaigns. But through everything, we have felt something lacking in all of the celebrating. 

We didn’t see an event that didn't just celebrate the success of women but also just... loved women for being… them; without asking anything in return. An event that brought our community together and cheered one another on for being badasses - no time limits, no competition, no requirements. 

| and so started... Babes Brunch |

Babes Brunch is an very special, non-profit event held for all creative women who crave a little time dedicated solely to themselves.
We create a beautifully designed space and a welcoming community that focuses on celebrating and loving the women that work so hard and give so much of their time to their jobs, family and friends. 

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We want to ENCOURAGE each other to be exactly who we were meant to be - from business women, to moms, to daughters, to friends to wives. We all wear so many masks and Babes Brunch is a couple of hours for us to strip away all the exteriors and just get to love each other for being

Come Get Your Brunch On


Join Us March 31, 2019 for our next babes brunch

the evergreen | 11-3 | Portland, or


We work with incredible vendors to create a stunning event for you to enjoy. Our in-house photographer will take beautiful photos of the entire brunch (new head shots anyone?) and you will receive a full gallery within 8 weeks of the event.

All of our vendors are incredible and donate as much as possible to keep costs down for you. We only charge enough to cover time and materials for all vendors plus enough food and rosé to keep the party goin!

check out photos from our most recent
babes brunch


This past Babes Brunch in November The Bindery in Mcminnville hosted 60 of us babes to brunch, sip champagne, be pampered in the lip bar with Whit and make our own sugar scrubs with Kore Botanical.


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