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mae and co creative intimate events styling design
mae and co creative intimate events styling design

Who we are

Mae&Co Creative is a unique and purposeful styling and planning company in Portland, OR - the heart of the Pacific Northwest.
Specializing in intimate weddings and events, elopements and brand styling; we love nothing more than creating beautiful and intentional design for every one of our projects. 
We believe in being good to people and earning respect rather than demanding it.
We believe in cultivating and nourishing a relationship with a community of creatives and working WITH each other instead of against. We feel this promotes a healthy and enjoyable work place for every job we step into; for us AND our clients.
Every project, design, wedding or workshop is special to us and we make a conscious decision to give nothing less than 110% to everything we do.
We choose to work closely and comfortably with our clients and genuinely care about their well-being and happiness.
We believe in love, creativity, authenticity and generally...the rule of thirds. 
Its our goal to take your dreams, and make them ours... and then maybe add a twist.
Also - we like to have fun.


Why we do what we do

We genuinely care. 
We love creating spaces and images that make people feel astonished, happy and proud. 
We will do anything and everything to make your dreams come true and seeing you thrilled on a design or creation we have put together for you literally makes us warm and fuzzy all over.
We once heard someone say "What do you do when you SHOULD be doing something else? That's what you should make your career" - for us... that's this. We would choose styling a tablescape or a flat lay or setting up for a wedding over grocery shopping and board meetings ANY day of the week. 
We leave every project we are a part of with a sense joy and pride that is overwhelming.
We love people and their stories. We love brands and their aesthetics. We love elopements and the constant need to travel.
We genuinely love our job.

Our team is small and intimate; sarcastic and genuine. Real and intentional.
Always professional and fun. We work hard and we get shit done.


The Team

babes behind the magic

manda mae and co creative owner

Manda - owner and creative producer

The name is Manda Sue, like "Amanda" without the A.
I started Mae&Co in 2015 after one of those nights with a good girlfriend, when you've had one too many glasses of rosé and suddenly... you know what your true calling is.
I'm completely in love with what I do and what our company stands for.
I'm obsessed with giving people presents and cards - its my love language, without a doubt.
I love flowers. I will use them in almost every design I do because, they should be everywhere. 
I opt for minimalism. Less really IS more if you do it right. 
I have been on 6 out of the 7 continents. 
Fully obsessed with the color blush. In various shades but.. I always have been and always will be even when its not "trending" anymore. 
Live music makes me cry. 80% of movies make me cry. A big enough hug will make me cry. 
I want a dog. Or a pigmy goat. Or a pigmy pig. Basically anything labeled "pigmy" I'll gladly take.
I'm absolutely in love with warehouses and industrial buildings. 
I drink wine or champagne on a daily basis because, it tastes better to me than water.
Being genuine. Being intentional and directional. This is what it's all about.

johnny mae and co creative

Johnny - onsite builder and assistant

Johnny Crapser - aka: "Johnny can do it" "Johnny's the best" "Can Johnny make that?" "What can't johnny do?" or "Oh yeah, I recognize you from instgram"
Johnny is a Portland native and grew up living on the mountain or in the ocean. 
He managed a multi-million dollar company for 16 years of his life and now is one of the backbones of Mae&Co. 
Johnny loves to travel more than anything. He also loves to read books about real-life adventures, try new restaurants and build or create specialty items for Mae&Co Creative. 
Johnny loves working with people and can't help but getting into hour(s) long conversations without any effort. 
As much as Johnny is great with building and creating things - he also has an incredible eye for detail and will absolutely not settle for less than perfect.
You will find Johnny assisting Manda and the team with multiple events, especially elopements and "modeling" gigs. 
We could not do half of what we do without Johnny and hope you get to meet him soon!

Kati Nicole Photo _ mae_co-287.jpg

Jessica - lead coordinator and florist

Jess Paprocki is a Central Oregon transplant, now residing in NW Portland!
Always striving for an authentic and adventurous life, her and her fiancé have traveled to over 13 countries together and are constantly on the move whether its heading to the mountain for snowboarding or jumping on a plane to explore new places.
Jess loves flowers.
In addition to her role at Mae and Co, she is also a freelance florist and loves using local or foraged stems whenever possible!
Jess thrives working with people and exercising her creativity in any outlet possible so working in this industry is a dream come true.  
She loves the daily variety that comes along with being a part of the Mae and Co team and we love her for always bringing her warm smile, pretty blooms and positive energy to any event she's a part of.
With Jess, there is never a dull moment!

Kati Nicole Photo _ mae_co-277.jpg

Stacey - lead stylist and coordinator

Stacey tester - a pint-sized lady with Southern roots and a PNW heart.
Stacey's absolute favorite place to be is at the intersection of creation and community, which is why she feels honored to be a part of Mae&Co - a tribe that feels the same.
She is hands-on, collaborative, and heart-forward.
She loves to creating environments and events that draw people toward one another for authentic connection.
Working for Mae&Co also allows her to exercise both sides of the brain - the detailed task-master side who LOVES to check a box as "complete" and the creative, aesthetically driven side who MELTS over textured florals and clean, curated design.
Outside of Mae&Co, you'll find Stace haunting thrift shops, teaching yoga at a local studio, or getting weird on a dance floor. 
We adore Stace's attention to detail and huge personality. Her balance between assertiveness and genuine softness is just one of the many reasons she's such a huge asset to the Mae&Co team.


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